Coming soon = Hoisting and Design Patterns (Java)

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Addendum: I’m going to make the tutorial about hoisting as a video and because of that it will take me some more time to produce it. It will be a bit different than other Tutorials i have seen on the net. At this Moment I write a Blogpost about Hoisting. When, were and what happens… mehr >>

Closures – Funktionsabschlüsse

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Closures are not so hard to understand. Closures are something which the Javascript – Engine generates and they are always handy and a bit confusing before you understand it. Example:

If you invoke samSays() and assign the result to the variable sayIt var sayIt = samSays(“Hello”); then nothing visible will happen, but quite something is going on in… mehr >>

IIFEs and safe code

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IIFEs are Immediately Invoked Function Expressions. Sounds complicated, but isn’t! We begin very easy. A normal Javascript function everybody knows:

Its loaded like that into memory and…does nothing. Just sitting there. If we want it to do anything we have to start (invoke) it:

Easy. A function expression looks like this:

We can invoke a… mehr >>

CSS specifity

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Did you sometimes ask yourself “Why does this style show up in the browser and not the other one?” Sometimes exploding into a “WTF??!!” And after that out of pure despair you took the last exit with !important….it worked…but, damn that just doesn’t feel right. This was sure because of the specifity of css styles… mehr >>

Daily routine

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6 o’clock: Shower, breakfast. 7:15 o’clock: Take junior to the kindergarten. 8:00 o’clock: To the Mac, studying, work on an actual project. 12:00 o’clock: Lunch 13:00 o’clock: To the Mac, studying, work on an actual project. 15:30 o’clock: Pick up junior from kindergarten. 16:30 o’clock: To the Mac, studying, work on an actual project. 18:00 o’clock: Dinner 19:00 o’clock: Workout with weights. Deadlifts, Squats, ect… 20:00 o’clock: Spare time, except… mehr >>

How I fell in love with Emmet…

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…or HTML coding, fast and efficient Hopefully this little mini-tutorial makes you want more. With Emmet you can write HTML very fast and efficient. Especially when you work a lot with Bootstrap and build grids all the time, Emmet is a real time saver. In most code editors (Coda, PhpStorm, Visual Studio…) Emmet is already… mehr >>