Welcome to my Tools-Page!

On this page I show you useful tools, plugins and software to help make your life as a coder a little bit easier. I recommend adding this page to your bookmarks for convenient future reference.
This list will be updated in the future, so you should check back now and then!
I am recommending these resources only because I have found them to be incredibly helpful. Don’t spend your money on any products or resources unless you think they will benefit you.

Coda2 from Panic

From my point of view, Coda2 is in the moment the best code editor on the mac which you can get for not too much money. It does have a beautiful interface (yeah I know, typical mac fanboy line), tabs, configurable sidebar, code folding, smart code complete, GIT/Subversion integration and much more.
Check out Coda!

JetBrains phpStorm

When I began to develop WordPress themes I switched to PhpStorm. PhpStorm is complete and mighty IDE, but more expensive then Coda. Its supports most of the bigger frameworks like Symfony, Drupal, WordPress, Zend, Laravel and much more. Easy code refactoring, unit testing and debugging. GIT is integrated as well. Frontenddevelopment is also supported, because it got all the features from WebStorm.
Check out PhpStorm!

Visual Studio Code

I came to Visual Studio Code as I began to work with NodeJS. VSC is perfect for debugging NodeJS-projects and the best of all its free! With help of the plugin “Debugger for Chrome” it is also possible to debug AngularJS-projects.
Check out Visual Studio Code!

Codekit from incident57

When working with Sass or scss on a Mac you should use Codekit. Codekit compiles and minifies almost everything. Sass, Scss, Typescript, Coffescript, Haml, ect… just to name a few.
Bower, JSHint, JSLint and CoffeLint are already integrated. Incredibly useful are autorefreshing and the built-in webserver. Those let you check your website on every device.
Check out Codekit!

Keyweb Hosting

After a typical try&error odyssey through the hosting-djungle I came to a rest at Keyweb. I host my websites at Keyweb for about 6.5 years now. It’s a middle-sized german company and they provide an awesome service. This is the first hosting company from which I can tell for sure, that they have a fast and competent service. They have also very good prices.
Ceck out Keyweb!